Our adresses:
Bolshaya Nikitskaya 22 / 2
8 (495) 691-7503, 8 (916) 452-2802

Malaya Yakimanka 24 / 8
8 (499) 238-8234, 8 (916) 452-4506

Malaya Ordynka 24
8 (495) 953-0701, 8 (925) 796-2873
Piano bar in the old Moscow apartment.
Since the opening of the first «Kvartira 44» we have a nice tradition to organize small concerts in the evenings, in winter inside the cafe, and in summer — on the open veranda. On Fridays and Saturdays we have different bands — from jazz and French chanson to rock and roll and retro songs from your favorite movies. And on weekdays various musicians play piano, accordion and even a balalaika!
About «Kvartira 44»
«Their house was small and modest. Its architecture and its interior decorations had a style of their own, which bore the imprint of the personal taste and thoughts of its owners. They had brought many things with them and had many more packages, cases, and cartloads sent them from Russia and abroad. A lover of comfort might perhaps have shrugged at the apparently discordant character of the furniture, old pictures, statues with broken arms and legs, engravings, sometimes rather bad but dear for sentimental reasons, and all sorts of knick-knacks. Only a connoisseur's eyes would light up eagerly at the sight of some of the pictures or a book yellow with age, old china, stones, and coins. But there was a breath of warm life among the furniture of different periods, the pictures, the bric-à-brac, which were of no significance to anybody, but which reminded them of some happy hour or some memorable occasion, and among the enormous number of books and sheets of music. There was something in it all that stimulated the mind and aesthetic feeling, something that made one aware of the unslumbering thought and the radiant beauty of human achievement as one was aware of the radiant and eternal beauty of nature all around…»

Ivan A. Goncharov «Oblomov»

«Kvartira 44» menu is European and Russian food-cold summer soups and traditional borsch, delicate tartar and crispy bruschetta, seafood and steaks, and delicious homemade desserts!
We love and know how to feed and entertain guests. We often gather companies of different sizes for a variety of reasons — from a cheerful wedding or a friendly party to a business dinner or corporate event. To find out more about each «Kvartira», click the button below.